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"Taylor Swift songs are meant to be sung aloud in the shower, danced around to in the middle of the street and cried to when you’re home alone with nothing but chocolate ice cream. But above all else, they’re supposed to speak to you.

Anonymous whispered: Define blue without using the word blue?




1. You are the ocean breeze. You are my father’s eyes and my mother’s wrists, you are my brother’s cotton bedspread. You are the underbelly of the split log of my heart and you are midday over the Atlantic. You are jubilant— I am breathless. You are not mine.

2. You are not mine. You are not mine, not anymore.
No, not anymore.



"You aren’t who I loved. You are how I loved."


well that’s horrifying to think about

"Today I am practicing not setting myself on fire. Today I am the match. Tomorrow I might be the smoke."
- Today | Lora Mathis (via cimmeriansun) -