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"In order to rise
From its own ashes
A phoenix
- Octavia E. ButlerParable of the Talents (via feellng) -
"I still smell you on my pillows and I still feel you tangled in my sheets."
- I can’t escape you and I don’t want to (via n4ughty-y) -
"When grabbing my hand was like grasping for straws and I hope you grabbed for solid ground."
- front steps of the armory, saturday october 18, 2014 -
"You’ve got wanderlust
stamped on to your heart
next to a list of promises
to see more,
do more,
be more. But tonight,
you’re in a city
that understands loneliness
all too well, with
people who know loss ―
they can pick him out
in a crowd. Tonight,
you’re looking at the stars
with your eyes shut, and
I hope you find home. I hope
you remember the way
the sky looked when it
opened blue.
I hope you find tomorrow."
- A.Y // adam  (via 2wentysixletters) -


Notes To Ex-Lovers, 278.



     “I used to dream of big moments and interesting stories, but now I just want a nice life: to cook nice meals, walk around with my boyfriend, draw pictures that people like…and then I’ll die, and no one will know who I was, but whatever! I won’t care, because I had a happy life! I enjoyed every little thing, and that was it—that’s all I really want.”

Providence, RI